Olives from El Alamillo

Centenary olive grove

Aceitunas El Alamillo is a family business, born as an innovative project with which we intend to make our own olives; And thus, closing a process which begins with the cultivation on our own farm and ends with the elaboration in our small Artisan industry of split and seasoned olives from organic production.

Our farm is a Centennial Olive Grove located in Alhaurín el Grande in a place called «El Alamillo», hence our name.

aceitunas alamillo
aceitunas alamillo

Manzanilla Aloreña Olive

First our grandparents, then our parents and now us, the farm has been passed from generation to generation caring for and cultivating the land to give the best fruit «La Aceituna Manzanilla Aloreña». (Predominant variety on the farm).

This variety of olive is characterized by having a meaty and somewhat hard texture.

Certified Andalusian Committee of Organic Agriculture (CAAE)

Our philosophy and concern for defending what is natural led us in 2003 to certify the farm as organic, a certificate that we currently hold with the Andalusian Organic Agriculture Committee (CAAE).

aceitunas alamillo

Sabor a Málaga

In October 2013, we were awarded the distinctive «Sabor a Málaga» in charge of disseminating and valuing the quality products of the province of Málaga.

certificado de calidad Junta de Andalucía

Junta de Andalucía Certificate

In November 2015, we obtained the certified quality distinction mark from the Junta de Andalucía for El Alamillo Organic products.

alhaurín el grande

Finca El Alamillo

In numbers

4800 Kg
of olives
Hectares of olive trees
Olive containers
aceitunas alamillo

Certified product

Our farm is a Centennial Olive Grove located in Alhaurín el Grande in a place called "El Alamillo", hence our name.

We are a small artisan industry of ecological production.